About us

To our valued community,

Firstly, Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about 78IGHT WRISTGRAIN. It means a great deal to us!

It was April 12 2018, and I was shopping online for a new watch. This was something that occurred regularly approximately every 6 months as, in short... I LOVE WATCHES. During my adventures online looking for what would be the the next timepiece to grace my left wrist, I gazed upon something that I had never seen before. A watch MADE COMPLETELY OUT OF WOOD! So, I did what I did naturally and clicked the link. I found the watch... or so I had thought. Everything was perfect, from the uniqueness of the materials, to the elegance and natural look, not offered by a traditional timepiece. Everything except for the price tag. 

Fast forward a few weeks. I knew I wanted one of these wood watches, and after searching the internet for hours, I still had not found a wood watch that a lived up to my standards of affordability, with the style that I came for in the first place. With no experience in business, I decided that I would be the one to fill the the void in a market that i desperately wanted to exist. 

Our goal at 78IGHT WRISTGRAIN is to bring our community the style, and minimalism of a traditional timepiece, with a price tag that makes sense. We don't believe that you should have to break the bank in order to make a fashion statement. We offer a handpicked selection of all natural, wood and bamboo watches for men and women, as well as accessories to compliment your new wrist grain. All 78IGHT timepieces will have distinct marks in the wood. This is not a defect, as all natural wood pieces are different. That's what makes it awesome!


How do we offer such competitive prices?

The answer is simple. After doing loads of research, we realized that the markup on products currently being sold on the market was MASSIVE! This leaves us with a lot of room to offer our community the same great quality, with a much lower price tag.